iDISPLAY Thermometer hits the news in the US


The Outform iDISPLAY Thermometer has made television news in the US in the special ‘Fever Finder’ report you can watch below.

It comes as little surprise to the team at One Digital Signage that the device is making waves in the media. We recognised the power of the iDISPLAY as an infection control solution from the very beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic and we partnered with Outform to bring the technology to businesses across the UK.

The cutting-edge infrared facial recognition devices are in ever growing demand from businesses exploring ways of reopening safely and providing peace fo mind for both staff and customers.

Utilising the market-leading Heimann sensor, the iDISPLAY provides the most accurate ‘zero contact’ temperature reading available today. Critical in today’s environment, this powerful technology has also been designed to work with face masks.

With built-in fever alarms and options for integration to access control systems the iDISPLAY represents an unbeatable solution for any business or venue exploring the best way to monitor and control infection at the point of access to a site.

Find out more about our Outform iDISPLAY Thermometer units by clicking here or get in touch with the One Digital Signage team to discuss how to implement your own ‘Fever Finder’ today!

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