Mandatory Track & Trace data collection places new importance on resilient technology solutions

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The latest Downing Street press conference on the evening of 9th September introduced a raft of new coronavirus control measures, many of which will impact businesses in the hospitality industry more significantly than just about any other sector.

Amongst the new measures due to be brought into effect (and made law) from Monday 14th September was the mandatory requirement for hospitality businesses to collect and store visitor data for all guests as part of the national Track & Trace effort.

Previously this had been heavily encouraged but ultimately left to venue and visitor discretion with details often only being taken from from a single visitor within a group.

Like so many government announcements during recent times, this has changed the story for hospitality businesses overnight. Suddenly, finding a resilient method for data collection and storage that minimises disruption to businesses, guests and staff is of the utmost importance.

Of course, the public are used to self-service touch screen systems for check in/registration processes but a concern around touch screens has been that they may not be the most Covid-appropriate solutions for multiple users.

However, unlike many competitor models emerging on to the market, One Digital Signage’s LCD Screen Hand Sanitiser models with 22” displays are built with 10-point PCAP touchscreens as standard – bringing hand hygiene and touch screen functionality together.

The latest Track & Trace announcement therefore means these leading infection control solutions have just become an even more powerful tool for hospitality businesses.

Running on the Android 8.1 operating system, the hand sanitiser units can have all available apps on the Google Play Store installed on them including visitor logging apps that can be used to collect the critical Track & Trace data.

With guests able to use the stations to enter data before sanitising their hands two critical infection control measures can safely be implemented at the same time, essential now that all guests must provide their information. 

In addition, as a digital signage solution our stations allow information and instructions to be delivered to customers. This clear guidance can actually make venues feel more welcoming, smooth out entry to a space and reduce risk of queuing.

The self-service approach can also put people more at ease with providing their details while less workload is placed on staff who already have increased duties related to Covid restrictions. With our devices in place, these staff can simply monitor the process as opposed to enforcing compliance and manually collecting data.  

As One Digital Signage hand sanitisers have rolled out at sites across the UK there is no doubt that they have already proved themselves as powerful hand hygiene solutions.

Following this latest announcement, it seems they are about to offer even more to a hospitality industry under pressure and in need of solutions to the ever-developing Covid challenge.

Find out more about our touch screen hand sanitiser solutions by clicking on the model below:

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