We supply SteriZar because your customers DO care about what they’re putting on their hands


Hand hygiene has become an integral part of the customer experience during the Covid pandemic. It’s an essential infection control measure and one which retail and hospitality businesses need to deliver through sanitiser stations in order to build customer confidence.

But, what are businesses actually asking customers to put on their hands?

The majority of hand sanitiser liquids are alcohol-based, and this is probably not so surprising when the early days of the crisis saw discussions revolve around the alcohol volume required to kill coronavirus.

There are huge downsides to alcohol-based sanitisers though:

  • They evaporate instantly on application meaning coverage can be limited and they provide minimal lasting protection.
  • This evaporation also occurs more slowly in tanks and bottles which also reduces the alcohol content within the remaining sanitiser, making it less effective.
  • They are highly flammable which presents transport and storage challenges.
  • They are harsh on the skin and repeated use can quickly cause irritation.
  • They are not Halal-approved and can therefore not be used by all customers.

Thankfully, and contrary to all of the discussion directly linking alcohol content to virus-killing capability, there is another way.

From the very first release of our LCD screen hand sanitiser solution range, we have endorsed and supplied our products with SteriZar liquids.

SteriZar is a genuine game changer for hand sanitiser liquids with the foamer solution delivering a number of benefits to both businesses and their customers.

Of course, most importantly, SteriZar is tested and certified to be effective against all enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses such as Covid-19. In addition, SteriZar:

  • Is alcohol-free and is therefore Halal-certified while also meaning it does not suffer from the same evaporation issues.
  • Is kind and gentle to skin.
  • Provides enhanced coverage and requires smaller dispensed amounts thanks to its foamer-style solution.
  • Delivers 6 hours of protection after application.

The advantages of SteriZar over alcohol-based sanitisers are pretty convincing then. And that’s before you begin to factor in the additional benefits of deploying SteriZar in a One Digital Signage LCD screen automated dispenser unit.

Compared to competitor products, we have developed our hand sanitisers to include a 3.6 litre reservoir (around 3 times the size of most others) paired with a unique nozzle management chip and powerful monitoring/reporting software.

Together, this means businesses benefit from a hand sanitiser unit that keeps them fully informed on usage and performance, while providing far greater intervals between refills and less disruption.

Our hand sanitisers are designed to deliver infection control measures as part of a welcoming and positive customer experience. The liquids that go into them are a big part of that.

That’s why businesses should care about what they are asking their customers to put on their hands.

That’s why we only recommend and supply SteriZar.

For more information download the SteriZar product sheet or contact the team at One Digital Signage to discuss your requirements.

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