Made in Britain – We’ve made things official!


With 2021 now in full swing, it’s time for the first exciting news out of One Digital Signage HQ for the year!

We’re hugely pleased to be able to say that our business and product ranges have been approved by and registered with the prestigious Made in Britain scheme. This means we can now join Britain’s best manufacturers in proudly displaying the globally recognised Made in Britain mark.

Since the very earliest days of our business (and this year marks our twentieth anniversary trading!) we have been committed to a model built around manufacturing operations based out of our Black Country workshops.

We placed superior quality and customer trust at the core of our ethos, and we knew the only way to achieve these was by maintaining full control of our manufacturing processes.

By keeping responsibility for production within the remit of our own handpicked team of AV experts we can have full confidence in the processes and the end product. Backed up by our own rigorous in-house quality testing, we’re able to generate the kind of consumer confidence that sums up the purpose of Made in Britain.

Of course, this means we are also able to have full confidence in the fact that the solutions we deliver are of the highest quality. It’s the reason we can offer our industry leading 3-year warranty to businesses across the UK who trust our products to meet their digital signage needs.

This all made One Digital Signage a natural fit for the Made in Britain mark – a scheme developed to showcase the highest standards in production and the resultant world leading products.

The events of 2020 really brought this home to us. A year like no other, when pulling together as a nation and producing the solutions needed to the unprecedented challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic became critical.

So, after 12 months of challenge, adaptation and working to deliver British-made solutions to a global crisis, we knew we needed to proudly show our colours by becoming a Made in Britain member.

As Chris Harrop, Made in Britain Chairman, explains:

“We are brought together by many things, most obviously by our pride in making what we do in Britain. This year has highlighted that pride is well-placed and increasingly important. Research shows that consumers and B2B customers want to buy more British products. The fact that Made in Britain grew faster in 2020 than in any other year further demonstrates this.”

Richard Westhead (pictured), One Digital Signage CEO, agrees and expands:

“Now more than ever, Made in Britain means something and is inextricably linked to businesses and products that consumers can trust.

“Our commitment to our UK manufacturing operations and our firm belief that this is a factor in many of our customers’ decisions to work with us, means we’ve always felt like a part of the Made in Britain family. The fact we’ve now achieved the official mark to recognise this is a great way to kick off 2021.”

The Made in Britain mark will now be proudly displayed across our digital signage and infection control product ranges as well as our website and marketing literature.

All of the One Digital Signage team are excited to continue our business journey and growth as part of the Made in Britain family.

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