Now is the time to reimagine Outdoor Digital Signage


The use of digital signage as a component part in outdoor advertising campaigns is nothing new.

Digital displays and billboards have become increasingly prevalent over the past few decades as installations have taken some of the weight from their analogue forebears (ie. the type of ads you unroll and stick up with some wallpaper paste!).

The potential of outdoor digital signage to make an impact, put brands in the places they want to be seen and to update adverts or messages on demand is huge.

And this potential shows no sign of diminishing. If anything, recent times have served to amplify the ever increasing importance of outdoor digital advertising.

As a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, proportionately more footfall in urban areas has been in outdoor environments. While the restrictions forcing this will hopefully disappear over time, it’s likely that some new habits related to our way of life this year has been ingrained in consumers.

Going forward, people are more likely than ever to be spending their time outdoors. Advertisers need eyecatching and compelling displays & messages in outdoor public spaces if they are to achieve maximum reach, generate customer interest and encourage physical or online visits.

Here at One Digital Signage this ever increasing importance of, and demand for, outdoor digital signage solutions has led us to refocus on the difficulties that have always existed with the medium.

Our solutions team turned their attention to how best to tackle the challenges of space; visibility; mounting; environmental protection; vandalism; energy usage and efficiency.

And the result?

The development of our incredible new UltraSlim Outdoor Display and everything about the product is sleek, tough and versatile.

The slimline design means no enclosure is needed and minimal space is required for installations. Combined with the ability to mount it on a variety of stands or walls/platforms and there are very few situations in which the display can’t be deployed.

Then there is the heart of the solution, the 3500 Nits QLED high brightness screen. This high definition display ensures that all content shown on the screen is highly visible and truly eyecatching.

Also equipped with anti-reflective glass technologies and auto-brightness controls, the UltraSlim display can be trusted to get messages across in any light condition. PLUS those auto-brightness controls also allow energy saving and optimum operating efficiency.

Finally, a range of features provide the robustness essential for any truly effective 24/7/365 outdoor digital signage solution, including:

  • • Being IP67 waterproof rated.
  • • Anti-black spot and sunlight damage protection.
  • • A fanless and filterless design, utilising heat sink technology, which allows the display to accomodate and operate in a wide temperature range from -30°C to 55°C.
  • • Rated for IK10 impact resistance for unbeatable protection against vandalism and accidental damage.

This is how we’re reimagining outdoor digital signage. Now it’s time for you to find out more and look to the future with the UltraSlim Outdoor Display.

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