UK Made. UK Supported. For your digital signage it just got even more important…

One digital Signage Covid Solutions UK

We often talk about the fact we are a UK digital signage manufacturer but what does that actually mean for our customers?

Well, our team being based in The Black Country and our products being made in our Cradley Heath workshop guarantees that:

  • You are dealing with an in-country and in-time zone business who are always on the end of the phone;
  • You shorten your supply chains and delivery lead times;
  • You support UK and regional economies;
  • You can rely on recognised quality guarantees & certifications.

We also find our UK operations particularly important to emphasise within the digital signage industry, where the market is seemingly flooded with lower quality and cheaply made products shipped in from the Far East. A fact that is not openly advertised by resellers for obvious reasons but a bit of digging can often show this to be the case.

Performing this kind of due diligence and investing in UK-made solutions is now more important than ever as the business critical role of digital signage has been cranked up another notch by the Covid-19 crisis.

In a recent interview speaking about our LCD screen automateic hand sanitiser units our Managing Director, Richard Westhead, pointed out how:

“We [One Digital Signage] found organisations can often feel forced towards purchasing Chinese manufactured units directly, with no UK warranty or in-country support.

“Put quite simply, it makes no sense to have such low resilience in an area that will become increasingly crucial to business continuity. That’s why all our units offer a full 3-year UK warranty, aftersales support and are CE, RoHS and RED approved.”

We’ve heard and seen the horror stories far too often, you probably have too. Products shipped in from Far East factories with poor Quality Assurance procedures, long delivery lead times, minimal support (if any!) and few options for recourse if and when things do go wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with implementing solutions that offer the best value. But value isn’t just about the price tag, it’s about the quality of the solution it’s attached to. And that’s why we believe we offer the best value digital signage products on the UK market today, and can do so as a genuine UK manufacturer.

Saving a few quid on an inferior product has always been something of a Pyyrhic victory but now even more so. If digital signage Covid solutions – such as our hand sanitisers and facial recognition thermometers – break down then it can have huge ramifications for a business.

The public and commercial spaces that demonstrate their commitment to the safety of their customers and staff are not only the ones that will remain open for business, they are the ones that will capitalise and succeed in this new trading environment.

Don’t gamble with the safety of people and your business. Now is the time to invest in digital signage made in the UK.

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